X Plane License Agreement

Yesterday my license was disabled, and it looks like it`s because I installed XP11 on two different machines. One is a special VR machine, and the other, I use it to practice navigation and procedures if I don`t want to attach the headset. I still use it on one PC at a time, but apparently it`s still a problem and the license has been disabled. I`ve been doing this for three months without a problem until yesterday. I also don`t see the problem, because I do it with all my games on steam or origin or anything without problem with these games, because they are always used by me on either of the machines at any given time. Do these guys really expect us to limit the installation to a single PC as an operating system? I have never heard of such nonsense in my life, if that is the case. FSX doesn`t need it and doesn`t smoke. I can run several steam copies on as many PCs as I`ve installed with the games and as long as I only run the game once on one PC, then it doesn`t matter. I`m also a little worried that this home game will phone the mothership and turn off depending on what it sees on my local lan. With all this nonsense on Facebook, it`s a data protection concern for me.

Their support hasn`t been much help, except to say that if I do it my way, then the license will most likely disable again. I have to shake my head on this, and it might make me reconsider my change from FSX. www.x-plane.com/manuals/desktop/index.html#configuringamulti-monitorsimulator you have to run a game instance for each monitor you want to power, provided it`s a level view or outside the level. An instance of the game allows you to have the view of the course moderator or a 2D panel on the second monitor. However, you can`t have three views (left, forward and right) in 3D cockpit mode with a game instance. So it tries to check with the license server at any time when you start XP. It probably doesn`t depend on something he sees on your lan or anything else that`s on your computer or talking about it. The only network dependency is probably that – if it doesn`t reach the server, it gives you the benefit of some TIME and you can continue to use xp without being able to check your license. So it`s a freebie, that`s a good thing, isn`t it? This should not come as a surprise if you read the license agreement or if you look at Laminar`s digital download notes.

10.5 This Board.B. is the entirety of the agreement agreement between you and us regarding the purpose and merges and replaces all other agreements, orders, agreements and agreements made.