Wfse Collective Bargaining Agreement

C. During the negotiation of the agreement, each party had the right and opportunity to make requests and proposals on all issues or issues relating to collective agreements. Therefore, each party voluntarily and without restriction renounces the right and is not required to collectively negotiate, for the duration of the agreement, all subjects covered or covered by this agreement. Nothing is construed as a waiver of the rights of the Union or the university in relation to collective agreements relating to matters that are not covered by this agreement or which fall under this agreement. 1.1. The employer recognizes the Union as a single and exclusive representative of negotiations on all issues where wages, hours and working conditions are set for all Employees of the University of Washington in collective agreement units certified by the Washington Personnel Resources Council, the Public Relations Commission and/or the Department of Labor and Industry, under the jurisdiction of RCW 28B.16 and 41.80. The composition of these units is defined as in Schedule I of this agreement – the bargaining units represented by the Washington State Employees Federation. 5.4. The parties agree that a member of the bargaining unit, elected or chosen by the Union, is encouraged to take an active interest in positive action plans for any negotiating entity under this agreement. 31.5. Security Committees. In accordance with THE requirements of WISHA and the policy of the University of Washington, joint safety committees, elected by the workers and appointed by the employer, are formed. The Union has the right to be represented in the organisational or university or specific committees in which employees of the collective agreements unit work.

Any division or unit committee, which also deals with health and safety issues in the areas of activity, must appropriately involve the staff of the collective agreements unit. Participation in health and safety committees, including meeting time, health and safety research, work on commissions, seminars and classes, is considered working time for all staff, in accordance with higher education policy. The time of release must be agreed in advance with the superiors. New staff orientation and appropriate access to new workers5.5.D In the ninety (90) days following the start date of a new employee in a bargaining unit represented by the union, the University of the Union will give access to the worker during the worker`s normal working hours in order to present information about the Union.