U.s. Bank Your Deposit Account Agreement

Unless we expressly agree, you cannot deposit a replacement cheque (as defined in the Federal Reserve Board`s CC Regulation, 12 C.F.R. Part 229) that was not previously processed by a bank as part of the U.S. collection process. If you do, you agree that you (i) are subject to all guarantees and compensation, as required by current legislation; (ii) to be responsible for the losses that you, we, we or any other person suffer under the replacement control; and (iii) to compensate us and compensate us for and against losses, expenses and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) that are imposed on us or that are the subject of claims, legal or administrative proceedings or procedures relating to the replacement examination. Any co-owner undertakes to inform us immediately of the death of another co-owner. The processing of the account after the death of a co-owner depends on the nature of the joint account created. The U.S. Treasury Department`s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) manages and imposes economic and trade sanctions on the basis of U.S. foreign policy and domestic security objectives against targeted foreign countries and certain entities such as terrorists and drug traffickers.

We must comply with OFAC`s rules, which require us to verify all international ach (IAT) transactions using a list of sanctioned countries and entities. If we identify an IAT sent to your account to conduct further investigations, i) the settlement of such a transaction may be delayed, (ii) the transaction may be refused and/or (iii) the transaction may be blocked, then we will have to block the funds indefinitely. If an IAT is refused or blocked, we will notify you. They agree not to use the ACH system to deal with transactions that violate (i) OFAC sanctions, (ii) federal rules for transposing and enforcing the illegal online gambling enforcement and enforcement rules, or (iii) other federal laws. You acknowledge that if we identify and identify illegal, restricted or prohibited ACH transactions on or from your account, that transactions may be blocked or denied, the authors or recipients of such transactions may be sanctioned and your account may be closed.